Do you want try I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco E-juice and Smok Mico?

I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco E-juice is a good tobacco flavor. Pick up a bottle of sweet tobacco and taste the strong tobacco aroma during each puff.

I Love Salts best e juice has found you struggling to find a rich and hearty tobacco flavor, and raised your stakes to provide you with a bold and hearty blend of soft and sweet tobacco that can soothe inner cowboys. Succumb to the bold and rich flavor of rich tobacco, tamed only by the sweet and gentle kiss of pure sucrose.

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Whether you are a tobacco enthusiast or are looking for an easy-to-liquid E-juice, you want to taste this smooth, slightly sweet, easy-to-smoke tobacco, all by I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco achieved!

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Asmodus Minikin Kodama Beautiful, Refined And Powerful

Asmodus Minikin Kodama Mod coming with a major update! Minikin Kodama is now powered by GX-180-UTC, has power-saving features, and also has a customizable color screen.

The basic firmware that comes with Minikin 2 Color Kodama has our color screen. 2 other optional firmware files; one allows you to select your favorite RGB color for the main menu and change the brightness of the screen. Another firmware file is a beautiful and simple black screen with white text but also allows you to change your color a little bit in the easiest way to personalize your mod and set the brightness.

Asmodus Minikin Kodama vape box mod uses the latest updated firmware with a new interface. The display provides the following information on its LED screen: single battery level, the resistance of the atomizer, volts used when firing at the required wattage, puff counter, ignition duration, ignition mode, and S (soft) N (normal) H (hard) mode.

Asmodus Minikin Kodama Mod review

Minikin Kodama has a change from the original Minikin 2 battery cover. The battery door of the Kodama Minikin 2 has been changed from a removable back panel to a hinged release door located at the bottom of the module. Once the door is locked, it will lock in place and create ventilation holes.

Asmodus Minikin Kodama is also equipped with a familiar design pressure lock door.

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HQD Looper Kit: New AIO Pod Kit Will Be Coming Soon!

If you are looking for a new best starter vape that has a mesh coil head and is very easy to use, then you definitely want to check out the HQD Looper 20w AIO Starter Kit.

The HQD Looper kit comes with a built-in 1200mAh large battery that can be charged using a micro USB cable. Like other pod systems, the Looper AIO pod kit is a lower power device that provides a maximum power of 20w for an electronic cigarette machine. It is also made of aluminum alloy material, so it is durable and lightweight.

The HQD Looper pod system has a trigger button that not only triggers the device, but also closes it with 5 clicks. In addition, there is a multi-color LED indicator that makes it easy to check the battery level. HQD’s Looper pod equipment does have multiple safety features, including short circuit and 10-second cut-off protection.

HQD Looper kit review

All of this is contained in a kit, which is a refillable pod box with a maximum electronic juice capacity of 3.5ml. The filling can be done from the bottom. In addition, two replacement coils are included. They are all made of wire mesh to ensure the best flavor. Finally, you can adjust the airflow on the coil head by rotating the AFC ring on the bottom of the actual pod.

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Reviews About Aspire New Vape: AVP Pro Pod Kit 1200mAh

Today let me recommend you Aspire AVP Pro Pod Kit, it’s has very ergonomic shape, which provides excellent comfort. It’s a little bigger than AVP AIO. Even with its incredibly tiny and subtle appearance, it’s still made from a premium zinc/aluminum combination and won’t easily wear or crack.

Every new version of the Aspire best pod vape kit is constantly surpassing their expectations, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The AVP Pro is an improved version of the original AVP, an advanced all-in-one device that packs full functionality in an ultra-small enclosure. The first impression is amazing, especially since Aspire has enough experience with that particular product group.

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The 1200 mAh battery capacity is very large on a device of this size. With moderate atomization, it can easily last for a few days on a single charge. If you use the included 2A charger, the charging time should not exceed 90 minutes. You feel heavy when you hold it, which further adds to its premium status.

The front of the device has a blade-like carbon fiber design with a very smooth texture. One of the most prominent features compared to the older AVP is the upper airflow control slider. Near the bottom, you’ll find the usual Aspire brand and reasonably bright LED indicators. This indicator will also be used as a button once you start using the device. Around the carbon fiber, the fiber portion is a glossy metal shell to increase contrast.

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Do You Think The Oumier Voocean 40 Can Beat SMOK RPM40?

Today let’s going to have a look at e vape online new products-Oumier Voocean 40 Mod Pod Kit. It comes with portable size, a powerful battery with a quick charge time of 30 minutes, and a capacity of 3.5 ml of juice.

The Oumier Voocean 40 kit is available in black, and there are only three ways to accomplish this. The metalwork panel is ergonomic, looks like marble, and comes in purple and light gray. The kit measures 104mm x 25mm x 32mm, so it has a sturdy shape that fits easily in your pocket. The control surface uses a crystal-clear display with vertical menus and indicators, such as current wattage, battery power, voltage, and a number of puffs.

Oumier Voocean 40 kit review

The two adjustment buttons below the screen are combined with the decent power button at the top to make it easy to navigate the screen. The integrated battery capacity is 1200mAh, and the charging time through the USB port is 30 minutes, so you can have a long vaping time without recharging. Power output is up to 40 watts and can be adjusted from 5 watts.

Another famous 40w new mod pod kit is the SMOK RPM40

The smok rpm 40 kit once again creates an innovative pod vape. If you like the performance of Box Mod but want the portability of the Pod system, then this is the product for you. Out of the box, the SMOK RPM40 has a huge vape juice capacity of 4.3 ml to help you get more vaping time between refills.

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Fresh Vaping By Mr Salt E Blood Orange Lemonade E-juice and Smok Fetch Pro

Mr Salt E Blood Orange Lemonade E-juice provides a refreshing drink for you in the hot summers. The thick wedges of ripe blood orange are screwed into a pinch of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ready to refresh your vape taste buds with sweet clouds throughout the season!

However, blood orange lemonade decided not to add ordinary old lemonade, but decided to add more flavors to summer favorites! Sweet orange was murdered in cold blood, and its sweet juice was poured into each cup, adding a soft, juicy flavor to each puff. Okay, maybe not so violent, but this taste suddenly turned into a delicious taste, and something illegal must be done to make it!

cheap Mr Salt E Blood Orange Lemonade

Slice ripe blood oranges and squeeze them to avoid wasting a drop of sweet orange juice, then stir it into a freshly squeezed lemonade jug, begging to refresh your taste buds and quench your thirst for delicious clouds. The sweetness of blood orange and the almost imperceptible citric acid make this flavor a comprehensive choice for fruit dishes!

Mr Salt E Blood Orange Lemonade E-juice brings you nicotine salt sweet, fresh and refreshing.

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Lost Vape Fans Can Not Miss The Lost Vape Orion Q-Ultra

Lost Vape orion q ultra is the latest vape AIO device released by Lost Vape in 2020. Lost vape’s orion vapes are popular with many people and comes in multiple colors and textures. These include carbon fiber black, nebula purple, marble white, leather black, linen gray, and bizarre fantasy. We were impressed with the unique panel options!

First, the size of the Orion Q-Ultra is much larger than other Orion versions.

The dimensions are 105 mm by 43.2 mm by 16.5 mm. This is because Lost Vape has a huge 1600mAh battery in the mainframe.

In addition, the power output is also much higher.

Its new range is between 5 and 40 watts! This is enough to appease most MTL and DTL vapers. Lost Vape Orion q ultra pod has released a bunch of new press-fit coil heads for Q-ULTRA. This includes 0.3, 0.6, and 1.0 ohms. It provides incredible real flavor and clouds. Airflow can also be fully adjusted by a ring located below the 510 drip stroke.

cheap orion q ultra

More durable and lightweighorion q ultra coilst

Although it no longer feels or looks good, it is more durable and lightweight. Overall, I think this is a wise move to extend device life and accessibility. There is a cartridge release device on the front, a suitable 0.69-inch OLED screen, trigger button, and adjustment button.

If you are also a fan of the lost vape starter kit, then you must not miss Orion Q-Ultra, because he introduced some popular hardware changes, including a larger battery, twice the power output, and liquid capacity of up to 4ml.

cheap Orion q ultra pod

The best pod Lost Vape Orion Q-ULTRA is currently available for pre-order on Vapesourcing.

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Have you tried Vaporesso Target PM80?

Vaporesso’s product is very successful. Let’s take a look at Vaporesso’s best pod mod kit-Vaporesso Target PM80, which is called the first e-cigs specifically for DL ​​and higher power.

Vaporesso target pm80 Kit 80W is a fully adjustable device with a maximum power of 80 watts and uses the listed 2000 mAh built-in battery. The pods can hold 4 ml of solid juice and there are currently two coil options. The pods are refillable so you can use your own juice in them and the coils are separated from the pods.

target pm80

Vaporesso Target PM80 is quite large for a pod system, but this is not the purpose. It’s small compared to similar AIO devices like Geekvape Aegis Boost or Voopoo Vinci. Its height is about 102mm x 24.8mm x 33.4mm, and it feels more like a small Mod than a Pod system, although it is very lightweight.

The shape of the PM80 is like the smaller non-rubber Aegis Boost, and it feels great. It is also a very rugged device. Overall, this is a portable vaporesso target pm80 cartridge DL setup that is very well constructed to handle a variety of issues.

target pm80 pod

Target PM80 also has a large color screen that is bright and easy to see. Two adjustment buttons allow you to set the wattage between 5-80 watts in 0.5 watt increments. The recommended wattage will be displayed on the screen, depending on the coil you are using, and the chipset will prevent you from increasing the power further.

The PM80 comes with two coil options, both from the newly launched vaporesso target pm80 GTX coil series. PM80 is also compatible with Voopoo’s PnP coils (used in products such as the Vinci series). If you’re a DL vaper, it’s great when looking for a portable product that meets your needs on the go.

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Vandy Vape Mato RDTA Review: Features 4 Internal Steel Wires

Today, take a look at Vandy Vape Mato RDTA, a new product of vandy vape. It is designed with high-quality plastic PSU, which is very durable and resistant to pollution and has a high resistance to high temperatures, making it very suitable for the construction of Vandy Vape Mato RDTA.

Vandy Vape Mato RDTA has 4 internal wires for crazy juice flow, easy to roll, 510 and standard nails, durable construction, single roll manufacturing, larger manufacturing space, and 5 ml juice capacity.

Mato RDTA is an integral dripper and reconfigurable tank atomizer measuring 46mm x 24mm and weighing 155 grams. When used as an RTA, the juice capacity is 5 ml and can be replenished with an easy top-fill method. You need to unscrew the top cover to add the e-liquid to the juice reservoir.

Vandy Vape Mato RDTA Review

Vandy Vape Mato RDTA semi-gloss finishes are available in matte black, matte gray, stainless steel, gold, and gun color. The dripper appears to be made of a resin material and depends on the surface of the RDTA body.

When you first see Mato, you will immediately notice that there are four unique wires in the juice reservoir. vandy vape tank designed RDTA in this way to ensure optimal juice flow and prevent possible smoky. The pillarless construction platform is only suitable for a single-coil construction, which is held in place by two screws inserted into the top of the outside of the device. This unique method of tightening the coils provides extra building space for the easy coil installation process.

Both sides of the coil are surrounded by a large number of ventilation holes, which are deliberately placed to ensure that the coil hits directly. Airflow control is controlled by two adjustable air inlets on the side.

You may also want Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA which is coming from Vandy vape too, and it’s an excellent rebuildable dripping atomizer, will be the best mesh RDA in the vaping market!

Mesh V2 RDA

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New Choices For Disposable E-cigs: HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval

People who have used disposable vape can smoke regular cigarettes if they are younger. They are more likely to become users of disposable cigarettes. They think that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as cigarettes, and they seek stimulation. Today I will recommend to you two Disposable Pod Devices-HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval Disposable.

Enjoy vaping easily with HQD Maxim disposable pod system vape pen. This ultra-compact e-cigarette is stylish, engaging and ergonomically designed to deliver high-quality e-juice flavors. Each device is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, and each pod filled with 1.3 ml of 5% nicotine salt e-cigarette liquid provides a smooth and satisfying atomizing experience.

HQD Maxim disposable vape

The HQD Maxim disposable pod module is only three inches long and has a slim profile for easy handling. The Nicotine Salt Mist Device is an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is high and your throat will be smooth. This pull-out device is easy to use and convenient.

The EZZY Oval Disposable Device is a pre-filled disposable pod system with a lightweight and compact design. No maintenance, refilling or recharging is needed, and the EZZY oval will be thrown away once it is fully used. Each EZZY oval disposable device has the ability to produce more than 300 puffs in 5% nicotine.

EZZY Oval Disposable Vape

On Vapesourcing best vape shop 2020, HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval are operated without pressing any buttons or adding anything, all in one device ensuring that beginners and old vapers will be satisfied.

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