New Choices For Disposable E-cigs: HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval

People who have used disposable vape can smoke regular cigarettes if they are younger. They are more likely to become users of disposable cigarettes. They think that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as cigarettes, and they seek stimulation. Today I will recommend to you two Disposable Pod Devices-HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval Disposable.

Enjoy vaping easily with HQD Maxim disposable pod system vape pen. This ultra-compact e-cigarette is stylish, engaging and ergonomically designed to deliver high-quality e-juice flavors. Each device is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, and each pod filled with 1.3 ml of 5% nicotine salt e-cigarette liquid provides a smooth and satisfying atomizing experience.

HQD Maxim disposable vape

The HQD Maxim disposable pod module is only three inches long and has a slim profile for easy handling. The Nicotine Salt Mist Device is an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is high and your throat will be smooth. This pull-out device is easy to use and convenient.

The EZZY Oval Disposable Device is a pre-filled disposable pod system with a lightweight and compact design. No maintenance, refilling or recharging is needed, and the EZZY oval will be thrown away once it is fully used. Each EZZY oval disposable device has the ability to produce more than 300 puffs in 5% nicotine.

EZZY Oval Disposable Vape

On Vapesourcing best vape shop 2020, HQD Maxim and EZZY Oval are operated without pressing any buttons or adding anything, all in one device ensuring that beginners and old vapers will be satisfied.

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