Ohm Vape Ohm vs Cybervape CyberX, Which Is The Best Vape AIO?

Do you know Ohm Vape Ohm this vape aion pod kit? It’s coming from a not very famous vaping brand, but it seems to get a lot of good reviews so today let’s have a look! Also want to compare it with Cybervape CyberX AIO kit, to what’s the differences between the two vape aio kits?

Ohm Vape Ohm AIO kit is available in seven colors. The manufacturing quality of the metal body, painted in many different colors, can definitely bring you a comfortable experience. By the way, there are also some resin versions to choose from.

Ohm Vape Ohm review

Ohm Vape Ohm best pod vape is powered by a single 18650 battery. You only need to replace the battery with a fully charged old battery, instead of charging with a USB cable. The two panels on both sides of the Ohm Vape Ohm AIO are removable. On the front, you can install your own 18650 battery. Also, you can replace the coil head from the back.

The package contains two spare ceramic coils, rated at 1.5ohm and 0.3ohm. You can adjust the airflow by twisting the ring on the bottom of the cartridge.

Cybervape CyberX AIO comes from a new e-cigarette company. They are an important part of the Cyber ​​Punk theme and it does display on this device. The device comes in 4 different colors, has a capacity of 3ml, has mesh and circular replaceable coils, and has an internal battery of 800mah.

Cybervape CyberX Review

In addition to these features we often see, it also has a small display showing the battery level, atomizer resistance, lock/unlock and adjustable output. These are packed in a small device, so it’s very good.

In a word, do you think there are big differences between them? If you still want to find more vaping just go to murah vape to have a look!

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