Super Discreet And Portable 13W eGrip Mini Kit From Joyetech

If you are looking for an e vape starter kit with super discreet, portable, battery life and juice capacity for extended use, if so, I recommend you a good choice, it’s Joyetech eGrip Mini Kit 420mAh, this is an excellent AIO device.

Joyetech Egrip Mini kit is smaller and lighter than other Joyetech eGrip series. Joyetech eGrip Mini has a 420mAh built-in battery for a smooth texture. Constant power output also provides stable performance for vapers. And you only need 30 minutes to fully charge the eGrip MINI’s built-in 420mAh battery. Insert the ink cartridge from the side for easier use.

Joyetech eGrip Mini

At the same time, in order to give you more choices and more e-cigarette experiences, eGrip MINI comes with two types of ink cartridges and different mouthpieces. Joyetech eGrip Mini Starter Kit’s non-replaceable cartridges come in two types, 1.2ohm Ni-Cr cartridges and 0.5ohm mesh cartridges, for your choice.

In addition, Joyetech Exceed Grip is another excellent AIO device:

Joyetech Exceed Grip Pod System Kit uses Joyetech proprietary technology and a rather unique shape. This device is one of the largest juice capacity of its kind and has a considerable 1000mAh battery. Despite its small size, it can still smoke for a long time. It also has built-in dry strike protection and dual systems that can operate with traditional pods or replaceable coil pods.

Joyetech Exceed Grip

Joyetech vape products are famous for their high quality. I hope eGrip Mini and Exceed Grip can bring you different vaping!

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